Prezi Hackathon II: 2 days, 37 hackers

Fresh from the Prezi blog:

Last weekend, 37 hackers, including Prezi employees and students from around the world, spent two days in the Prezi office to create fun, and (sometimes) useful projects using Prezi.

After two days, teams presented their incredible projects:

  • Prezi Kinect Hack: Control your prezi using body gestures
  • Prezi Wars: Use Prezi Meeting to play a third-person shooter with your friends
  • WebGL Prezi: The results are in, our developers tackled creating a rough version of Prezi in WebGL!
  • Prezi Usage Map: A zoomable map of prezi creations, visits, and tweets about Prezi
  • Whiteboard to Prezi application: Automatically create a prezi from a photo you’ve taken
  • Hipchat bot: Type in a command in hipchat, our HP bot will let the office know what’s up; break something in Prezi, sirens and lights!
  • Democratic Voting in Prezi: Make life’s toughest decisions using Prezi voting
  • Prezi Logo from Post-its: See the Prezi logo, made “pixel by pixel” from Post-it notes
Check out a nice video from Day 1 (stay tuned for Day 2 footage):

And some nice photos of the weekend (more to come!):

Third-person Prezi Meeting shooters are no joke
Hackers working on the hardware
Hackers taking a step back
Prezi uses Kinect motions to navigate
And the hackers seem to like the results
A zoomable map of real-time Prezi usage
One team created a third-person shooter in Prezi Meeting
Make life's most important decisions in Prezi
Prezi co-founder can be seen and heard, even when in SF
Prezi employees' children make circular art tool
Made from post-it notes

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