BootstrapLabs launches SV In.Fusion: a 2 Week Startup Bootcamp for Foreign Founders


At BootstrapLabs we believe “Silicon Valley can not be replicated but its culture and best practices can be taught”.

As such, we felt it was important for BootstrapLabs to invest in education and are pleased to announce the launch of SV In.Fusion, a 2 week startup bootcamp in Silicon Valley, specifically tailored for foreign founders.

This entrepreneur for entrepreneur educational program is focused on delivering the core skills, hands-on experience and hacks Silicon Valley founders use every day to build lean, mean and successful startups.

If you are a rockstar in your domain of expertise and feel like mentoring our SV In.Fusion founders,  APPLY TO BECOME A MENTOR.

If you know people that should know about this program, please feel free to share this announcement and have them contact the SV In.Fusion team at

The next SV In.Fusion Bootcamp will start September 8, 2014! FOUNDERS APPLY HERE.

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