Innovation is NOT that single break-through idea

Innovation Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

Innovations are often thought of something that is coming from a single disruptive or break-through idea. But in reality innovation is more like “ideas having sex” – it is just like the genes that merge to create a new set of genes. Innovation is created through memes that meet and combine into new memes.

This is why innovation thrives in places like Silicon Valley where there is an open mindedness, open doors and where different cultures and disciplines meet to a large extent.

This is also why BootstrapLabs has a global outlook and is searching the world for smart and talented founders in order to increase the cross-pollination that fuels innovation. That is why we evolve around our core in Silicon Valley while we have a deep engagement and comittment all over the globe.

Today we see that ~ 60 % of the successful founders in Silicon Valley were not even born in the US. This make us confident that BootstrapLabs Venture Capital model to scout the world for the most talented founders (and not just Silicon Valley) to empower them to build global companies is the best way to find the most exciting and disruptive ideas.