Applied AI Digest 23


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The latest Data, Insights, and Inspiration about Applied AI


Right Now, Artificial Intelligence Is The Only Thing That Matters: Look Around You

If there’s one thing the world’s most valuable companies agree on, it’s that their future success hinges on artificial intelligence. Read more.

How artificial intelligence will transform your business

In 2016, we use voice-recognition systems, driverless cars are being trialled and robotic hotel receptionists work in Japan. The advent of certain technologies… read more.


What Artificial Intelligence Can Tell Us About The Future Of Business?

In today’s knowledge economy, we tend to predict how a business is doing by measuring key components like sales, finance, and HR. Read more.


Artificial Intelligence Could Help Catch Alzheimer’s Early

AI algorithms used with MRI brain scans help distinguish between patients with Alzheimer’s and two early forms of dementia that can be precursors to the memory-robbing disease. Read more.


Microsoft’s UK CMO on artificial intelligence and his visionary inspiration

Paul Davies talks about what it takes to be a visionary and his expectations for the industry in the next ten years. Read more.


Artificial intelligence reveals undiscovered bat carriers of Ebola and other filoviruses

A team of scientists has developed a model that can predict bat species most likely to transmit Ebola and other filoviruses. Findings highlight new potential hosts and geographic hotspots worthy of surveillance. Read more.




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