Applied AI Digest 22


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Robots’ debut in aerospace production lines create new human jobs

It may be the 21st century, but an aircraft final assembly line still has many hallmarks of a cottage industry. Read more.


London company uses artificial intelligence to brew the perfect beer

Say what you will about Google’s AlphaGo AI, it generally turned up to its championship matches sober.
Actually, most AI tend to stay away from the bottle – which makes sense given their lack of mouth, or digestive system, or sense of fun. Read more.


Google believes its superior AI will be the key to its future

Google is beginning to look beyond search to tap into some of the most lucrative and promising businesses in the tech industry: artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Read more.


We need to talk about AI and access to publicly funded data-sets

For more than a decade the company formerly known as Google, latterly rebranded Alphabet to illustrate the full breadth of its A to Z business ambitions, has engineered an annually increasing revenue generating empire .. read more.


Artificial Intelligence Could Help Catch Alzheimer’s Early

AI algorithms used with MRI brain scans help distinguish between patients with Alzheimer’s and two early forms of dementia that can be precursors to the memory-robbing disease. Read more.


Artificial Intelligence Is Setting Up the Internet for a Huge Clash With Europe

Neural networks are changing the Internet. Inspired by the networks of neurons inside the human brain, these deep mathematical models can learn discrete tasks by analyzing enormous amounts of data. Read more.



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