Applied AI Digest 27


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The head of Google’s Brain team is more worried about the lack of diversity in artificial intelligence than an AI apocalypse

But one machine-learning expert who is, after all, in a position to know thinks that’s not the biggest issue facing artificial intelligence. In fact, it’s not an issue at all. Read more.


Tim Cook Talks Artificial Intelligence, iPhone’s Future

Cook also defended the company’s progress in AI technology, pointing to the expanding capabilities of Siri, the digital assistant that Apple launched in 2011. Read more.


A.I. and chatbots will help you win friends and influence people

Imagine a Persuade button for every critical moment in your life. One click to send the perfect Tinder pickup line. Read more.


Dan O’Brien: The hopes and fears around artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” That is how no less a figure than physicist Stephen Hawking has described the risks posed by intelligent machines capable of thought and action. Read more.


The art of forecasting in the age of artificial intelligence

So when is AI better at predicting outcomes, and when are humans? What happens when you combine forces? Read more.

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