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AI Is Here to Help You Write Emails People Will Actually Read

Looking for an artificial intelligence that can write all your email messages so you don’t have to? Read more.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, And The FDA

Current law does not really define the FDA’s powers to regulate devices that depend on advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, as applied to health care.  Read more.


Why AI development is going to get even faster. (Yes, really!)

The pace of development of AI is going to get faster. And not for the typical reasons.. More money, interest from mega companies, faster computers, cheap&huge data, and so on. Read more.


Why chatbots are so disruptive

Chatbots have been around for decades. There are 18,000 of them on Facebook Messenger alone, with over 1,000 chatting away on Kik in the past six months. Read more.


The rise of artificial intelligence in 6 charts

Artificial intelligence received $974m of funding as of June 2016 and this figure will only rise with the news that 2016 saw more AI patent applications than ever before. Read more.

What should the self-driving car do?

Welcome to the Moral Machine! A platform for gathering a human prospective on moral decision made by machine intelligence, such as self-driving cars.




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