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Microsoft chief Satya Nadella reveals government’s artificial intelligence plans

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella has revealed the Australian government will be among the first in the world to deploy artificial intelligence “bots” to deal with inquiries from citizens. Read more.


Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Are Remaking Themselves Around AI

Google is not alone in this rapid re-orientation. Amazon is building a similar group cloud computing group for AI. Facebook and Twitter have created internal groups akin to Google Brain, read more…


AI Has Beaten Humans at Lip-reading

Lip-reading is notoriously difficult, depending as much on context and knowledge of language as it does on visual clues. But researchers are showing that machine learning can be used to discern speech from silent video clips more effectively than professional lip-readers can. Read more.


What Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Actually Do

When an app claims to be powered by “artificial intelligence” it feels like you’re in the future. What does that really mean, though? We’re taking a look at what buzzwords like AI, machine learning, and neural networks really mean and whether they actually help improve your apps. Read more.


Siri vs. Alexa vs. Cortana vs. Google Assistant: It’s Battle of the AI Systems

The machines are rising. They are planning our days, making our reservations, ordering our cars. We talk to Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google like we would a human assistant.

But how do these AI systems compare? Read more.


The current state of machine intelligence 2.0

Despite the noisy hype, which sometimes distracts, machine intelligence is already being used in several valuable ways. Machine intelligence already helps us get the important business information we need more quickly, monitors critical systems, feeds our population more efficiently… read more.


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