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The Simple Economics of Machine Intelligence

The year 1995 was heralded as the beginning of the “New Economy”.  Digital communication was set to upend markets and change everything. But economists by and large didn’t buy into the hype. Read more.


Can Microsoft get back in the game with AI?

Microsoft is about to face its next big disruption. The world’s biggest software company has come up against a series of threats over the past two decades. Read more.


This scary artificial intelligence has learned how to pick out criminals by their faces

With the advent of photography, a tiny fraction of 19th-century scientists believed they could develop methods of accurately identifying criminals by their facial features. Read more.


Relax, artificial intelligence isn’t coming for your job

While it may seem like every software engineer in Silicon Valley is trying to create the perfect algorithm to replace human workers, many are simply trying to find ways to make you a better employee by… read more.


Understanding the Four Types of Artificial Intelligence

The common, and recurring, view of the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence research is that sentient and intelligent machines are just on the horizon. Read more.


Retailers look to artificial intelligence to bag sales

In recent years online retail has followed the same formula – prettier websites, smoother checkout and easier access to credit card info. But this holiday shopping season a growing number of retailers are deploying a new tactic to help boost sales… read more.

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