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One of the largest jobs companies in the world reveals how robots are going to change employment forever

ManpowerGroup, one of the world’s largest jobs companies, released a report detailing how the technological revolution is going to change the employment market forever. Read more.


Driverless electric shuttle being tested in downtown Vegas

LAS VEGAS (AP) — There’s a new thrill on the streets of downtown Las Vegas, where high- and low-rollers alike are climbing aboard what officials call the first driverless electric shuttle operating on a public U.S. street. Read more.


Why IoT needs AI

At one of my recent talks in New York about AI in the supply chain, one of the key questions that came up was “Are you talking about robots?” Read more.


Putting the “intelligent” machine in its place

Recent issues around machine learning biases and ethics make it clear that math and data can only take us so far. Read more.


At Davos, IBM Chief Predicts Artificial Intelligence Won’t Be a Job Killer

Advances in artificial intelligence will lead to job losses, but new forms of employment will take their place, International Business Machines Corp. Chief Executive Ginni Rometty said Tuesday. Read more.


Versace Family Member Wants To Succeed In Artificial Intelligence, Not Fashion

Versace may be linked to high-fashion, but one family member wants the name to also be associated with artificial intelligence and robots. Read more.


Applied AI Digest Review 2016

See the most impactful artificial intelligence news of 2016. Read more.

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