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Applied Artificial Intelligence Digest


U.S. workers beware: Japanese insurer to replace humans with A.I.

A Japanese insurance company reportedly is replacing 34 workers with an artificial intelligence system, and industry analysts say the same could start happening in the U.S. this year. Read more.


New $27 million fund backs research into artificial intelligence for the public interest

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and Omidyar Network anchor a newly formed $27 million fund to support research into the social impacts of artificial intelligence. Read more.


AI’s move from academic curiosity to mainstream tech

Mary Treseler chats with Giles Colborne, managing director of cxpartners talk about the transformative effects of AI on design, designing for natural language interactions, and why designers need to nurture the ability to reinvent themselves. Read more.


Applied AI Digest Review 2016

See the most impactful artificial intelligence news of 2016. Read more.


10 Powerful Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today

From voice-powered personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, to more underlying and fundamental technologies such as behavioral algorithms, suggestive searches and autonomously-powered self-driving vehicles… read more.


Mercedes-Benz preps vehicle powered by artificial intelligence

LAS VEGAS — Mercedes-Benz plans to introduce a production car powered by artificial intelligence in the next year as part of a collaboration with chip-maker Nvidia. Read more.

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