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New speakers:

  • Lanny Cohen, Group Chief Technology Officer, Capgemini
  • Hema Raghavan, Sr Mgr. Head of Machine Learning, LinkedIn
  • Eric Save and Susan Altman, Partners, K&L Gates
  • Jean-Baptiste Su, FORBES Technology Columnist
  • Karim Galil, Founder, Mendel Health
  • Matt Wolff, Chief Data Scientist, Cylance

More will be announced soon!

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Applied Artificial Intelligence Digest

LinkedIn: Machine learning is like oxygen, but the human element is not going away anytime soon

How do data and machine-learning powered algorithms work to control newsfeeds and spread stories? How much of that is automated, how much should you be able to understand and control, and where is it all headed? Read more.


How P&G and American Express Are Approaching AI

There is a tendency with any new technology to believe that it requires new management approaches, new organizational structures, and entirely new personnel. Read more.


Apple’s AI Director: Here is How to Supercharge Deep Learning

Apple’s director of artificial intelligence, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, believes that the deep neural networks that have produced spectacular results in recent years could be supercharged in coming years by the addition of memory, attention, and general knowledge. Read more.



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Google’s AlphaGo AI will face its biggest challenge yet next month

It’s just over a year since Google’s DeepMind unit stunned the world when its AlphaGo AI beat Go legend Lee Se-dol 4-1 in a five-game match; the result demonstrated mastery of a feat that had eluded computer scientists… read more.


Understanding the limits of deep learning

Artificial intelligence has reached peak hype. News outlets report that companies have replaced workers with IBM Watson and that algorithms are beating doctors at diagnoses. Read more.


I Took the AI Class Facebookers Are Literally Sprinting to Get Into

CHIA-CHIUNN HO WAS eating lunch inside Facebook headquarters, at the Full Circle Cafe, when he saw the notice on his phone: … read more.

The Applied AI Conference is a must-attend event for people who are working, researching, building, and investing in Applied Artificial Intelligence technologies and products.

The event is focused on practical application and current commercialization of AI technologies across industries such as Transportation & Logistics, Internet of Things (IoT), Future of Work (FoW), Financial Technologies (FinTech), CyberSecurity, and Healthcare Technologies (HealthTech).

The 2017 conference agenda will provide insights into the present and future impact of AI on your organization, as well as in your daily life.

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Applied AI Digest Review 2016

See the most impactful artificial intelligence news of 2016. Read more.

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