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Applied Artificial Intelligence Digest


Meet the man who makes Facebook’s machines think

Nearly 3,000 miles away from Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters, in an old, beige office building in downtown Manhattan, a group of company employees is working on projects… read more.


Half of hospitals to adopt artificial intelligence within 5 years

A new Healthcare IT News and HIMSS Analytics survey found population health and precision medicine among the initiatives where health IT professionals expect AI to have the greatest impact. Read more.


To Get Consumers to Trust AI, Show Them Its Benefits

Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging in applications like autonomous vehicles and medical assistance devices. Read more.



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A Peek at Trends in Machine Learning

Have you looked at Google Trends? It’s pretty cool — you enter some keywords and see how Google Searches of that term vary through time. I thought — hey, I happen to have this arxiv-sanity database of 28,303 (arxiv) Machine Learning papers over the last 5 years… read more.


Adapting ideas from neuroscience for AI

A better understanding of the reasons why neurons spike could lead to smart AI systems that can store more information more efficiently, according to Geoff Hinton, who is often referred to as the “godfather” of deep learning. Read more.


Apple Gets Permit to Test Self-Driving Cars in California

Apple plans to start testing self-driving cars on California roads, the clearest signal yet that the world’s most valuable technology company wants to design or build autonomous vehicle technology. Read more.


We are thrilled to announce additional world class speakers for our Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference in San Francisco on May 11th.

New Speakers:

Amir Khosrowshahi, CTO AI Products Group, Intel
Lanny Cohen, Group CTO, Capgemini
Hema Raghavan, Head of Machine Learning, LinkedIn
Jeremy Stanley, VP Data Science at Instacart
Dr. Colin P. Williams, Director of Strategy, D-Wave Systems
Eric Save and Susan Altman, Partners, K&L Gates
Matt Wolff, Chief Data Scientist, Cylance

Please note: Early Bird tickets are SOLD OUT, but you can still REGISTER NOW and save $250 with this code: AAI17bsl

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Applied AI Digest Review 2016

See the most impactful artificial intelligence news of 2016. Read more.

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