Applied AI Digest 111

Investment in artificial intelligence is essential for our future health

Artificial intelligence may still be in its infancy, but it’s moving fast. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the data-rich health sector. AI has the potential to provide more precise, personalised care, as well as help us to shift our focus from treatment to prevention and tackle some of the world’s biggest global health issues. Read more.

Using AI to trace leaking pipes

OLD hands at some water companies still on occasion whip out a pair of dousing rods or find a Y-shaped twig to search for a leak in an underground pipe. Dousing, or water witching as it is known in America, has no basis in scientific fact. Read more.

A list of artificial intelligence tools you can use today — for personal use

Artificial Intelligence and the fourth industrial revolution has made some considerable progress over the last couple of years. Most of this current progress that is usable has been developed for industry and business purposes, as you’ll see in coming posts. Research institutes and dedicated, specialised companies are working toward the ultimate goal of AI (cracking artificial general intelligence)… Read more.

Artificial intelligence company sees 21st century breakthroughs

C3 IoT, an artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things company, is looking to transform agriculture, aircraft maintenance and manufacturing processes. “New breakthroughs in information technology in the area of predictive analytics should dramatically change the way people deal with customers, the way they manufacture products, the way they deliver services,” C3 IoT founder and CEO Tom Siebel said Monday during an interview with Liz Claman on FOX Business. Read more.

ScienceAlert Deal: Here’s How to Master AI And Machine Learning

We’re living the middle of a golden data age where our best and brightest are leveraging Artificial Intelligence technologies to create self-driving cars, facial recognition tools, and smart assistants that straddle the line between science and science fiction. Read more.

Job Opportunities:

GetAccept: Digital Marketing Manager

Sibly: Head of Engineering

Aeye: Sr. Electrical Engineer

Vidora: Senior Software Engineer – Applications

Smart Ear: Lead Engineer

Trusted Insight: Django/Python Full Stack Engineer Product Marketing Director

dataalab: Senior Data Scientist

dataalab: Frontend Software Engineer

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