Applied AI Digest 119

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AAI18 Keynote and Fireside Chat – Applied AI in Healthcare: Deep Impact

Over the next several weeks we’ll be releasing the videos from the sessions from the BootstrapLabs Applied AI Conference 2018. During this session, the panelists discussed AI in healthcare, the complexity of all stakeholders in the industry, the ROI impact of AI, and the differences between AI in healthcare startups and Big Pharma.

Industrial AI Applications – How Time Series and Sensor Data Improve Processes

Over the past decade, the industrial sector has seen major advancements in automation and robotics applications. Automation in both continuous process and discrete manufacturing, as well as the use of robots for repetitive tasks are both relatively standard in most large manufacturing operations (this is especially true in industries like automotive and electronics). Read more.

Wimbledon 2018: AI uses player emotions to edit highlights

Wimbledon and its digital partner IBM have fine-tuned their artificial intelligence (AI) systems this year to help automatically edit the top action. With an average of three matches per court, per day, video from matches can add up to hundreds of hours of footage. AI-analysis uses crowd noise, player actions and match data to edit video. Read more.

A machine has figured out Rubik’s Cube all by itself

Yet another bastion of human skill and intelligence has fallen to the onslaught of the machines. A new kind of deep-learning machine has taught itself to solve a Rubik’s Cube without any human assistance. The milestone is significant because the new approach tackles an important problem in computer science—how to solve complex problems when help is minimal. Read more.

Insurers turn to artificial intelligence in war on fraud

From bogus claims to shady brokers, insurance fraud costs companies and their customers more than $40 billion a year, the FBI estimates. And that’s excluding medical insurance fraud, which is estimated by industry groups to cost tens of billions more. Read more.

Artificial Intelligence May Make Traffic Congestion a Thing of the Past

If you drive a car, you’ve probably found yourself waiting at a red light while the intersection sits empty. Artificial intelligence could make that—and other frustrating inefficiencies of city traffic—a thing of the past. For a sense of what the technology is capable of, consider that some research suggests artificial intelligence could allow networked autonomous vehicles… Read more.

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CargoChief: Full-Stack Engineer

GetAccept: Digital Marketing Manager

Sibly: Head of Engineering

UnitQ: Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Engineer

UnitQ: Software Engineer Back End Developer

Aeye: Sr. Electrical Engineer

Vidora: Senior Software Engineer – Applications

Smart Ear: Lead Engineer

Trusted Insight: Django/Python Full Stack Engineer Product Marketing Director

dataalab: Senior Data Scientist

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2017 AI Digest Review

Every week the BootstrapLab’s team curates the most interesting and current articles on Artificial Intelligence. To inspire you in 2018, we wanted to share our 2nd Annual Applied AI Digest Review – a recap of all the major AI news and trends of 2017.