Applied AI Digest 146

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Every week the BootstrapLabs team curates the most interesting and current articles on Artificial Intelligence. Here are our picks for the fifth week of January 2019.

 Singapore Releases Framework On How AI Can Be Ethically Used

Singapore has released a framework on how artificial intelligence (AI) can be ethically and responsibly used, which businesses in the Republic and elsewhere can adopt as they grapple with issues that have emerged with new technology… read more

AI Is Still On Course to Outpace Human Intelligence

The Singularity is near(er)! At least, that’s what the famous inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil argues… read more

If AI Is The New Electricity, Who Is The Samuel Insull?

Andrew Ng repeatedly compares AI to electricity, positioning AI as a technology that will be everywhere, and in everything. But if you study the history of electricity adoption in the United States, it was not always on track for ubiquity. With all the attention paid to Tesla, Edison, Westinghouse, and others, the real brains behind mass adoption of electricity was Samuel Insull… read more

AI Can Now Decode Words Directly From Brain Waves

Neuroscientists are teaching computers to read words straight out of people’s brains… read more


It’s a common psychological phenomenon: repeat any word enough times, and it eventually loses all meaning, disintegrating like soggy tissue into phonetic nothingness. For many of us, the phrase “artificial intelligence” fell apart in this way a long time ago… read more

The Hidden Automation Agenda of the Davos Elite

DAVOS, Switzerland — They’ll never admit it in public, but many of your bosses want machines to replace you as soon as possible… read more

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In case you missed our BootstrapLabs Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018, we’d like to share with you a portion of the highlights and discussions about interesting sectors like Health, Transportation, Logistics, Energy, and more.

Check out our 2018 Conference Highlight Video below along with a panel discussion on “AI Policymakers: The Need for Public/Private Partnership.” If you’re curious and would like to explore more topics on AI, see our YouTube Channel.

AAI18 Conference Highlights

AI Policymakers: The Need for Public/Private Partnership


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