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BootstrapLabs Gets Social, Launches Urban Metrics

San Francisco – December 1, 2010 – BootstrapLabs is launching a new company in the Online-2-Offline Commerce space called Urban Metrics Inc (www.urbanmetrics.com). Urban Metrics offers an Online-2-Offline Commerce platform, that allows its partners to quickly enter the market with almost instant revenue. “We are strong believers in the social commerce that Groupon have paved […]

Snap, right click menu, new copy paste

Fresh from the Prezi blog: Three new features have been implemented to Prezi online editor: 1. Snap: It used to be harder to create a simple chart or align any objects with each other in Prezi. Now, as you rotate or move images, frames and text, they will automatically click into position with identical objects […]

More privacy for Enjoy, Pro Prezi users

Fresh from the Prezi blog: Prezi Terms of Use on Prezi Prezi’s Terms of Use document has now been updated–providing more privacy to our users. We had asked creators of public and private prezis to provide the same licenses in return for our service before. The new version handles public and private prezis separately. Let […]

Two books about Prezi have been published

Fresh from the Prezi blog: Two new resources on how to use Prezi are out now! Prezi for Dummies (English) explains how to think outside the traditional slide, create your project, and publish your presentation. Presenteren met Prezi (Dutch) discusses how to create better presentations using Prezi’s limitless space. The Dutch book release was announced […]

Work together in real time with Prezi Meeting!

Fresh from the Prezi blog: You can now work together in real time on the same prezi! With Prezi Meeting, teams can collaborate live or simply present prezis with up to 10 people in a prezi at one time. Prezi Meeting is included in all license types. Here’s how to start Prezi Meeting: Open a […]

Witsbits close funding round with Chalmers Innovation Fund

Gothenburg and Silicon Valley, June 24, 2010 BootstrapLabs company Witsbits® AB, the Scandinavian pioneer in cloud computing solutions for metering and billing of cloud infrastructure today closed a funding round with Chalmers Innovation Seed Fund, a Swedish early stage investment fund. “The Go-Cloud technology is one of the most exciting solutions in the Cloud computing […]

Serial entrepreneur Nils Svangard joins Witsbits

BootstrapLabs company Witsbits, add another serial entrepreneur to its advisory board that also invests an undisclosed sum in the company. Witsbits is the company behind Go Cloud™, a software suite that quickly turn of-the-shelf servers and infrastructure into a unified compute and storage cloud, for Internet service providers. More information follows: Gothenburg, June 1, 2010. […]

Arctic Startup about Witsbits

Arctic startup’s Paula Marttila article about Witsbits not too long ago: “Witsbits, a Swedish startup company, is the first and so far only actor in the Nordic and Scandinavian region providing cloud computing services. They started already in 2004, in the era when cloud computing still was called utility computing. The journey into cloud computing began in 2003 when […]

Witsbits to go-to the USA with BootstrapLabs

23rd of June 2009 San Francisco and Göteborg. For immediate release, Witsbits has entered into an agreement with San Francisco based BootstrapLabs to establish US presence. Setting up US presence is the first step of an extensive agreement between Witsbits and BootstrapLabs. BootstrapLabs is additionally to provide Witsbits with advisory and strategic planning, secure an […]

ArcticStartup.com writes about BootstrapLabs

ArcticStartup.com’s Paula Marttila wrote about BootstrapLabs today. Great article, and really sums up what we are looking for here at BootstrapLabs (and our excitement about Prezi!) If you are a Scandinavian startup or interested in Scandinavian startups, vc’s and Entrepreneurship, make you follow ArcticStartup.com, which I think is very well on it’s way to become […]

Pressrelease – Prezi to go-to the US with BootstrapLabs

28th of April 2009 San Francisco, Stockholm and Budapest. For immediate release, Prezi has entered into an agreement with San Francisco based BootstrapLabs. to help Prezi establish a US presence. This is part of an agreement between Prezi, BootstrapLabs and CrossConnect, to provide Prezi with advisory and strategic planning and help Prezi establish a senior […]