Prezi Named "Rising Star" in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50

Fresh from the Prezi blog:

We are pleased to announce that Prezi has received the second prize “Rising Star” in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50. This prestigious annual award honors the fastest growing technology companies in Central Europe.

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Prezi hearts Facebook: One click signup, embed prezis to your wall

Fresh from the Prezi blog:

Signing up for the free Public Prezi account has become even easier. Now you can sign up with your Facebook account, and start to create your first prezi immediately.

Embed prezis to your Facebook wall

Sharing nice prezis from our public library, or put your latest work to the test in your Facebook community became more effective as well. Paste the link of any public prezi as a status update to our official Facebook page. Your link will be converted to an embedded prezi that can be clicked through or set to full screen straight from Facebook. It works just like YouTube video embeds.

Please note: if you already have a Prezi account, you cannot log in using your Facebook account.

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Prezi Zooms to 5 Million Users

Fresh from the Prezi blog:

We are thrilled to announce that, today, Prezi crossed the 5 million user mark!

Prezi Zooms to 5 Million Users on Prezi

You continue to inspire us with your creativity, enthusiasm, and with the amazing prezis you create. Please continue to innovate and let us know if you have new ideas for how to use Prezi.

Thank you!

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Asia is zooming!

Fresh from the Prezi blog:

Having lived in Asia myself, it’s really nice to see that Prezi has started to grow in Korea and Japan. I felt really impressed with the energy and all the creative use of Prezi.

Prezi for Dummies – the Korean translation of last year’s original US release – was brought to life with the help of Jihoon Roh (upper left). He’s the guy that helped us to get our first Korean font set. Prezi lecturer Do-won Lee (upper right) wrote another book for the Korean market which introduces Prezi’s best practices and a manual. Dowon also created a nice prezi introducing his book. Check out Daum, Facebook or Naver to join the Korean buzz, these community sites for more info.

We also had a great Prezi Night Tokyo party where the first Japanese Prezi book was introduced.
The tickets for the party sold out in a few hours! You can keep up with Japanese community on both facebook and twitter.

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Customize colors, fonts, drag and drop files!

Fresh from the Prezi blog:

Let’s celebrate this holiday season with some long awaited Prezi features!

Color Wizard

Finally you can customize Prezi themes! Available from the bubble menu, Color Wizard allows to customize Prezi theme colors, and select a font set of choice from the wizard’s font library. The wizard has a smart color selector system that suggests nice colors for different theme elements based on your initial selections. Alternatively, you can also create branded Prezi themes by adding your exact company colors to the wizard.

Paying users (Pro, EduPro and Enjoy, EduEnjoy) can even add their logo to their custom theme.

Related feature: design professionals can now create branded Prezi themes for free. The CSS code of prezi themes is now available for customizing in a standalone editor.
Color Wizard and the CSS editor are accessible with all license types.

Drag and drop files to PreziDesktop

Drag and drop images, videos and PDF documents directly to PreziDesktop from your computer! The color wizard and CSS editing is also available in this update of the offline editor.

Learn more about these new features from our related manual articles:

How to use the CSS editor?
How to use the color wizard?

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Say it with a Christmas Prezi

Fresh from the Prezi blog:

Make a copy of this reusable prezi, customize and send it to your friends. No need for stamps!

Regifting your Holiday present is not too nice. But reusing this Christmas Prezi is great! (and it’s carbon neutral too).

Share the love!

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Snap, right click menu, new copy paste

Fresh from the Prezi blog:

Three new features have been implemented to Prezi online editor:

1. Snap: It used to be harder to create a simple chart or align any objects with each other in Prezi. Now, as you rotate or move images, frames and text, they will automatically click into position with identical objects around. You can also adjust text to the size of other text boxes.

2. Right click menu: right click in the editor to activate a submenu that offers copy, paste, cut and delete.

3. Copy paste texts: now can use your computer’s clipboard for copy paste. This means that you can copy any selection from your documents, the web, or any other applications and paste them to your editor with a click.

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More privacy for Enjoy, Pro Prezi users

Fresh from the Prezi blog:

Prezi’s Terms of Use document has now been updated–providing more privacy to our users. We had asked creators of public and private prezis to provide the same licenses in return for our service before. The new version handles public and private prezis separately. Let our friendly avatars explain the details for you in the prezi above!

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Two books about Prezi have been published

Fresh from the Prezi blog:

Two new resources on how to use Prezi are out now!
Prezi for Dummies (English) explains how to think outside the traditional slide, create your project, and publish your presentation. Presenteren met Prezi (Dutch) discusses how to create better presentations using Prezi’s limitless space.

The Dutch book release was announced at Prezivent in Utrecht, organized by the book’s author Hedwyg van Groenendaal. Prezi founder and lead designer Adam was there talking about how to create better presentations with Prezi and introducing Prezi Meeting to the Dutch community. Check Hedwyg’s blog for some cool Prezivent videos!

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Work together in real time with Prezi Meeting!

Fresh from the Prezi blog:

You can now work together in real time on the same prezi! With Prezi Meeting, teams can collaborate live or simply present prezis with up to 10 people in a prezi at one time. Prezi Meeting is included in all license types.

Here’s how to start Prezi Meeting:

  • Open a prezi to edit
  • Click “Meeting” from the menu bar in the upper right corner of the screen

Now you have two options:

  1. Select “Invite to edit” to generate a link that you can send to anyone. When your invited collaborators open the link, you will see their avatars. Text, images, and videos added to the prezi are visible to everyone, giving remote team members the sensation of being in the same creative space together. (When you are invited to co-edit a prezi you will enter the Prezi Meeting in Show mode upon clicking the link. To start co-editing the prezi, switch to Edit mode).
  2. Select “Start online presentation” to generate a link that you can send to anyone. When recipients open this link, they can watch as you present, but will not be able to edit the prezi. This link expires 10 minutes after you have closed the prezi and finished the session.

Here’s how to navigate in Prezi Meeting:

  1. To follow an avatar: click an avatar and select “Take a look”
  2. To give a collaborator control of the prezi (you are currently the presenter): click on the avatar and select “Hand over presentation”
  3. To navigate on your own: click on the avatar and select “Explore freely”

To add an extra dimension to the co-editing process, you can use communications tools such as Skype.

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Prezi close VC-round and establish advisory board with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey

21st of June, San Francisco. For immediate release.

BoostrapLabs client Prezi, Inc closed a series A-round from Danish VC SunStone Capital. At the same time Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is coming onboard as an advisor to Prezi, to assist Prezi

BootstrapLabs has been working with Prezi since February this year; advicing the founders and helping establish strategy, roadmaps, funding and advisory members for it’s US establishment, and this week it is official that:

  • Prezi, Inc has been established and Prezi now has it’s head company in the US (Silicon Valley).
  • Prezi, Inc has closed an funding round from danish VC Sunstone Capital to further accelerate the company’s product development and international roll-out.
  • TED is investing in Prezi, Inc.
  • Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, Inc (and the originator of the idea), is coming onboard as an advisory board member to advise Prezi on matters ranging from fund raising to
    technological development.

TechCrunch wrote about the funding round and there is more information on the Prezi blog as well.

Pressrelease – Prezi to go-to the US with BootstrapLabs

28th of April 2009 San Francisco, Stockholm and Budapest. For immediate release, Prezi has entered into an agreement with San Francisco based BootstrapLabs. to help Prezi establish a US presence.

This is part of an agreement between Prezi, BootstrapLabs and CrossConnect, to provide Prezi with advisory and strategic planning and help Prezi establish a senior advisory board, secure an initial round of funding from business angels, and to reach cash flow positive within 12 months, and prepare for a US market entry and scale-up.

“Prezi is one of the most exciting companies I have worked with during my 13 years as a serial Entrepreneur, and I see great opportunities for Prezi in the US and Silicon Valley, and I think that Microsoft and Google should watch Prezi closely, because Prezi is disrupting the way we present information.”
– says Nicolai Wadstrom, CEO and founder of BootstrapLabs.

“Prezi stands out as an combination of exceptional innovation within the area of user-interface technology combined with an almost unlimited market potential. Prezi will change the way people make their presentations and the way we present and interact with information on the web; both for businesses and individuals”
– says Magnus Bergman, CEO and Partner at CrossConnect.

“USA is the world’s biggest market for presentation tools and we need to capture the strong interest we are seeing in our products. BootstrapLabs allows us to quickly set up presence in the Silicon Valley to capitalize on business opportunities and to be closer to future funding partners. And with the momentum and reception we received from our recent launch we believe we will quickly create an impact on the US market.”

– says Peter Arvai, CEO at Prezi.

Prezi ( is a leading provider of a new zooming presentation technology. It allows presenters to move beyond the slide-by-slide approach and to simply create amazing non-linear presentations. Prezi launched it’s product 5th of April 2009 after a year of a closed beta period.
This week Prezi also won the award “Most likely to succeed” by the Swedish angel investor network Connect Sweden (East), which gives the company access to a a large number of business angel investors.

BootstrapLabs ( is a Silicon Valley Business Lab and out-post, founded and run by Swedish serial Entrepreneur Nicolai Wadstrom. BootstrapLabs allows European companies to quickly and efficiently get an entry to the US market and Silicon Valley in particular. BootstrapLabs can help early stage companies that are in a commercialization phase and ready to go-to market to establish themselves in Silicon Valley, scale up, find licensing and partnership opportunities as well as funding and exit partners.

CrossConnect ( is a management and technology-consulting firm that advise leading technology and service intensive companies in strategic planning and operations management. The partners at CrossConnect are serial entrepreneurs with a strong track record of building successful businesses within the area of information technology, telecom and digital media.

For more information contact:
Peter Arvai, CEO, Prezi, +36 703 403070,
Nicolai Wadstrom, CEO/Founder, BootstrapLabs, +1 (415) 935 1469,
Magnus Bergman, CEO/co-founder CrossConnect, +46-7066 417 00,