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Automation Jobs Will Put 10,000 Humans to Work, Study Says

It’s going to take a lot of humans to create the kind of artificial intelligence that could replace truckers, financial analysts, and customer service representatives with robots. Read more.


How Close Are We Really To Connecting Human Minds To Artificial Intelligence?

Brain-computer interfacing is a hot topic in the tech world, with Elon Musk’s announcement of his new Neuralink startup. Read more.


Should your next big hire be a chief A.I. officer?

As companies increasingly turn to artificial intelligence to communicate with customers, make sense of big data and find answers to vexing questions, some say it’s time to think about hiring a chief A.I. officer. Read more.



Even Ikea Is Studying AI Now

Ikea makes furniture and household goods, not technology. And yet, the Swedish company’s external innovation lab, Space10, is launching a global survey meant to gauge people’s thoughts about artificial intelligence. Read more.


What Does it Take to Improve Marketing Results with AI?

AI is changing how business is done in marketing and how companies relate to and interact with their customers. From real-time, personalized push notifications, to personalized email content for an individual user… read more.


AI startups are ready to take on Fortune 500

For a long time now, big corporations have held most of the cards. Their capital, brand recognition, large staffs, and access to data have dwarfed the resources and capabilities of small businesses. Read more.Register Now

Applied AI Digest Review 2016

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