Founder Stories – Vidora

The future of work is digital, and the demand for the skills that enable this paradigm continue to accelerate. The biggest catalyst is the adoption of Automation and AI, that holds the promise to drive trillions of dollars in economic output in the next two decades.

At the same time, skills such as Data Science and Machine Learning that are required to implement these technologies are both scarce and highly sought after.

To enable enterprises to quickly deploy and benefit from AI, our portfolio company Vidora created a platform that enables fast deployment of Machine Learning, which processes pipelines without a deep bench of data scientists and engineers. In fact, many of their larger enterprises have scaled out their deployment of automation and Machine Learning without needing large engineering and data science teams by democratizing and accelerating the adaptation, deployment and constant improvement of AI models.

Their customers include some of the largest global companies, such as Walmart, News Corp, and, that leverage Vidora’s proprietary technology, Cortex, which intelligently learns from continuous streams of data to drive higher ROI across the enterprise. Cortex automates the most complex aspects of machine learning workflows and enables enterprises to quickly deploy and continuously optimize event-based predictions without the need for technical expertise.

Alex Holub, Co-Founder and CEO at Vidora, studied artificial intelligence throughout his academic career at Cornell University and during his Ph.D. at Caltech. He has published over 15 academic papers and holds numerous patents in the areas of machine learning, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. Prior to co-founding Vidora, Alex was a technical and product management lead at Ooyala. You can learn more about him by viewing his Bloomberg TV interview.

Abhik Majumdar, Co-Founder and CTO at Vidora, is responsible for the roadmap and build out of Vidora’s technology platform. He graduated from IIT and UC Berkeley with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Theory. Abhik’s work has been published and featured in over 20 journal and conference articles. Before Vidora, he was a staff engineer and technical lead at Ooyala and an instrumental part of developing the first generation Flip Video camera.

Philip West, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Vidora, graduated with a bachelors in Computer Science from Stanford where he was part of the NCAA Champion Track team. At Stanford, he learned about product, human computer interaction, and design, which helped him start his entrepreneurial journey. After graduation, Philip joined Affinity Circles as a technical co-founder. Later, he joined Ooyala, as one of the first engineers where he helped build and grow the initial video platform and team before its acquisition.