BootstrapLabs at Innovation Skåne – Advice for Swedish entrepreneurs


Lund, Sweden | Wednesday 21 October 2015

In a room full of entrepreneurs, BootstrapLabs founder Nicolai Wadström shared his thoughts on Silicon Valley unicorns, and the speculation of tech bubbles and overvalued startups. He reminded his audience to focus on value, and the fundamentals of the companies being touted as Unicorns.

Nicolai at INSK


Exciting Talk






Nicolai then turned his attention to the Swedish entrepreneurs who are in the process of building their own startups.











As Nicolai explained, product market fit – finding a good market and a product that can satisfy that market – is one of the keys to success for startups looking to build growth companies.

Nicolai’s Prezi Presentation from the event


About Nicolai

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Nicolai Wadström is a serial entrepreneur turned parallel entrepreneur as the founder of BootstrapLabs, a global Venture Capital firm based in Silicon Valley. Nicolai advises our portfolio companies in their day to day operations, connecting founders with industry experts, advisors, and investors to increase their likelihood of success, assisting with product design & development, positioning, go-to-market strategies and implementation, partnerships and fundraising.

A multiple time startup CEO and CTO. Raised capital from Angels, Private Equity, Investment Banks and VC’s. Angel investor and adviser to Internet, Software, Mobile and Digital Media startups in Europe and Silicon Valley, including BootstrapLabs portfolio companies such as Prezi, Zerply, Audiodraft and Witsbits. Nicolai has been writing code since he was 10 years old, and still speaks Java fluently. He is very focused on product and technology development within the Big Data, Analytics, Internet, Mobile and Software/Cloud sectors. Nicolai is a frequent guest speaker, mentor and judge at universities and conferences in the US and Europe.