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Mancx Secures $3 Million In Financing and Opens US Headquarters

Our portfolio company Mancx Secures $3 Million In Financing and Opens US Headquarters. SAN FRANCISCO AND STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, June 12, 2012 — Mancx, the only trusted community for business answers that allows for private individuals to securely buy and sell their knowledge with others, announced today it has secured $1.65 million in financing led by […]

Audiodraft Marketplace goes public!

Fresh from Audiodraft: Audiodraft has launched a new featured called Marketplace! Marketplace is an online store of exclusive music! All the tracks are produced by the talented worldwide Audiodraft sound designer community and handpicked by music professionals to ensure the great quality. Marketplace is offering only exclusive licenses so a single tune can be sold […]

Audiodraft joins BootstrapLabs

We are exicted to announce that Audiodraft joins BootstrapLabs. Advertising agencies, production companies and game studios in the US are pouring $5B into custom audio through an outdated process. Audiodraft is disrupting this market by creating the global marketplace for custom audio. The creative production industry is struggling with complicated procurement and licensing to get […]

Video synchronization is finally here!

Fresh from Audiodraft: As you’ve probably already noticed, AudioDraft has been testing a video player feature which is making your audio acquisition even easier! AudioDraft video synchronization is a solution when you want the audio to be a perfect match for your video clip. Using the video player is easy from a contest holder’s point […]

Mancx joins BootstrapLabs

We are happy to announce today that Mancx joins the BootstrapLabs portfolio of startups that we accelerate from Europe to Silicon Valley. Mancx vision is to make any and all information available at the right price. With a patent-pending knowledge trading platform and connections to the largest business networks in the world Mancx gives you […]

Prezi zooming where no one has zoomed before – with $14M from Accel Partners

During the past 3 years (our portfolio company) Prezi have reshaped how we share ideas. Sharing of ideas just to be a sequence of squares. Prezi have been challenging this 350-year-old format, not because it’s old, but because it’s how people enjoy exploring spaces, rather than slides. We hear presenters and audiences describe how they are taken […]

European Demo Day in San Francisco with Startup Sauna

Come and meet some of the most exciting European startups here in San Francisco! Together with our friends at Startup Sauna and I/O ventures we are organizing a demo day, so please join us and experience the Northern European and Russian startup scene right in the Bay Area! The stars of the day are Startup Sauna early-stage […]

Startup Exits Event

Startup Exit Event #4 is now starting to materialize, so please save the date for 19th of January, 2012 in San Francisco! Join successful entrepreneurs and startup acquisition professionals for a special evening event in San Francisco on the topic of “Startup Exits.” Hear stories from entrepreneurs who’ve sold their companies– how they did it, […]

Founder liquidity – good or bad?

The topic of founder liquidity is interesting, proponents talk about helping entrepreneurs “pay the mortgage.” or get less stress around driving the company to an exit. In other words: A company gets founded, generates revenue, the CEO pulls a modest salary but the challenging exit environment means that they remain distracted by personal financial obligations. […]

New York Times: Zerply: A Non-Corporate LinkedIn, Built For and By the Web Generation

Great article about Zerply in the New York Times: Despite its recent IPO, there’s a strong feeling among many people online that the professional network LinkedIn doesn’t quite work for them. Despite its millions of users, it isn’t necessarily easy to find people on LinkedIn that you’d want to work for you. And just as importantly, […]

European Startup Demo Night in San Francisco

BootstrapLabs, in collaboration with PariSoma, is looking for three European startups that are ready to come to Silicon Valley to participate in the European Startup Demo Night in San Francisco on July 21st. The European Startup Demo Night is an invitation only event, that will match a select group of 10 startups with an audience of over […]

Merry X-Mas and Happy New year!

We had a great new 2010, that saw the recovery from the financial crisis, and an exciting fall in the startup space, especially here in the Bay area where we are seeing a large amount of interesting companies being launched, and a large mount of investments being made to accelerate those. We have seen great […]