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innogy Innovation Hub and BootstrapLabs to form a Partnership for Investments in AI and Energy

We are proud to announce our partnership with innogy New Ventures LLC, part of the innogy Innovation Hub and an affiliate of innogy SE, a leading German energy company and the third largest utility in Europe with annual revenues of €43 billion (2017). The Energy sector is often overlooked by technology-focused investors that deem it […]

Announcing AI PitchForce. Apply now!

Presented by BootstrapLabs and PeopleConnect, AI Pitchforce is a can’t-miss opportunity for AI startup entrepreneurs to present to top angel investors and VCs. It will take place August 25th from 5:00-8:30 PM at Reed Smith, 101 2nd Street, San Francisco. The AI PitchForce judges will be: Ben Levy, Co-Founder, BootstrapLabs Vijay Reddy, Investment Director, Intel […]

BootstrapLabs: Venture Builders in Silicon Valley with a Global Community

When we founded BootstrapLabs eight years ago, we set out to create a company that would empower some of the world’s best technology entrepreneurs to build disruptive companies from Silicon Valley. In our quest to build an efficient and scalable process to empower entrepreneurs, we transformed BootstrapLabs into a world class Venture Builder platform and brought together […]

AngelList: The World’s First On Demand VC-as-a-Service Platform

[Disclaimer: BootstrapLabs is an investor in AngelList and we have two syndicates, BootstrapLabs Syndicate and BootstrapLabs A+ Syndicate with Gil Penchina] Last week I had the good fortune to find myself interviewing Kevin Laws, the COO of AngelList just a few days after they had launched a series of announcements that sent tremors through the entire startup and […]

How to Milk a Unicorn… No Really, How?

Victoria Silchenko recently posted an article on LinkedIn, Confession of Venture Capitalists: How to milk a Unicorn where she interviewed some high profile VCs and Private Capital experts on the recent “private IPO” trend. Great topic, catchy title and excited that BootstrapLabs will be joining the discussion live at her upcoming Global Alternative Funding Forum on November […]

Venture: Seed is the New Series A

In a world where access is king and real “value-add” to startup founders creates true differentiation, some Series A (and even Seed) VC firms are in for a rude awakening. The Shift Seed is the New Series A captures much of what is going on in the startup and VC world these days. The cost […]

The Rise of Angel(List) and how it is rapidly changing the game of angel investing

Disclosure: BootstrapLabs invested in AngelList, see our profile here. The cost of building technology companies over the past decade has decreased by a factor of ten. Software has been eating the world, yielding incredible productivity gains that empower entrepreneurs to execute two to five times faster. Globalization, standardization and connectivity have all been driving unprecedented […]