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The first AI approved to diagnose disease is tackling blindness in rural areas

Diabetes is on the rise globally, and with it, diabetic retinopathy, a leading cause of blindness. About one-third of the estimated 285 million people with diabetes worldwide have signs of diabetic retinopathy… read more

Left Unchecked, Artificial Intelligence Can Become Prejudiced All On Its Own

If artificial intelligence were to run the world, it wouldn’t be so bad — it could objectively make decisions on exactly the kinds of things humans tend to screw up. But if we’re gonna hand over the reins to AI, it’s gotta be fair… read more

10 Amazing Examples Of How Deep Learning AI Is Used In Practice

You may have heard about deep learning and felt like it was an area of data science that is incredibly intimidating. How could you possibly get machines to learn like humans?  Here, are 10 examples of how deep learning is used in practice that will help you visualize the potential… read more

The Pentagon is investing $2 billion in artificial intelligence

If North Korea’s dear leader wakes up tomorrow, takes a crazy pill and decides to lob a nuclear missile at the US mainland, there’s a good chance the military will be relying on artificial intelligence to protect us… read more

Don’t Believe the Algorithm

Blind faith in machines (and machine learning) has left us vulnerable to biased and incoherent AI. The solution? A healthy dose of skepticism and human oversight… read more

Leaders in AI

In case you missed our conference, we’d like to share with you a portion of the program that highlights leaders at the intersection of Applied AI and Industry.

During this session, the panelists discuss AI in FinTech, data privacy and security, interpretability of algorithms and the need for a strong relationship with regulators.

Moderator: Ash Fontana, Managing Director, Zetta Venture Partners


  • Sangeeta Chakraborty, Chief Customer Officer, Ayasdi
  • Shaunak Khire, Co-Founder and CEO, EmmaAI
  • Ashish Bansal, Sr. Director – Data Science, Capital One
  • Xavier Legros, VP – Product Development & Science , Trusted Insight

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Tickets for Cybersecurity & AI: Risks and Opportunities are almost gone! If you’re interested in attending, please fill out the form below.

Date and Time: Tuesday September 18, 2018 | 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

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Future of ML

Discover how machine learning technology is evolving B2C businesses and where the biggest innovations in the space are coming from.

Date and Time: Tuesday September 20, 2018 | 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Location: The Google Launchpad Space, 543 Howard St., San Francisco, California 94105

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